Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LiveMotion make the drop-down menu

In this case combined with LiveMotion's "Rollovers" behavior of objects and events to make animation simple drop-down menu, the menu initially shows only a strip of buttons, when using the left mouse button click the button strip, will come out a series of menu options, move your mouse over the appropriate menu option, the option to change the background color of the results shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

1. In the File menu, click New command to open the Composition Settings dialog box, set shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

2. Press OK (OK) button, then get a width of 400, a height of 400 new document.

3. In the toolbox, select the Rounded Rectangle tool, shown in Figure 3 pulled out a long article.

Figure 3

4. Select Article maintain long. Implementation of the "Window | Styles" command to display the Styles (style) palette. In the Styles (Styles) palette, select the style shown in Figure 4, double-click the left mouse button to apply the style.

Figure 4

5. Select the polygon tool in the toolbox, set the foreground color to green, then the implementation of "Window | Properties" command to display the Properties (attributes) palette. In the Properties (property) palette, set the "Sides" of the value of 3, with the polygon tool to draw the diagram shown in Figure 5, triangular.

Figure 5

6. The triangle rotated 90 degrees clockwise, and place it in a long article on the button, the results shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6

7. Select the rectangle tool in the toolbox, draw a rectangle as shown in Figure 7.

Figure 7

8. In the toolbox, select the rounded rectangle tool and set the foreground color to gray, just draw a rectangle in the top draw a rounded rectangle, as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8

9. Select the previous step to keep the rounded rectangle drawn, then the implementation of "Window | Rollovers" command to open the Rollovers (change) color palette. In the Rollovers (change), palette, clicking the New icon on the establishment of the state: Over, shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9

10. Maintained at "Over" state, then the implementation of "Window | Color" command, and set the color to RGB (255,199,0). At this time, you can see from Figure 10 rounded rectangle in the Over state changes.

Figure 10


11. Hold down the Shift + Alt key combination and drag the rounded rectangle with the mouse to copy the four copies of the button to act as a menu option, as shown in Figure 11.

Figure 11

12. Next, add text to these buttons. Select the Text tool in the toolbox, the first button in the middle-click the left mouse button, then opens the Type Tool dialog box, set the text as shown in Figure 12.

Figure 12

13. Repeat the previous step of the operation, followed by five buttons with text: News, Game, Finance, Bbs, Chat, Results shown in Figure 13.

Figure 13

14. Select the green rectangle, buttons, text, and then press Ctrl + G key combination group them together. Shown in Figure 14.

Figure 14

15. Press Ctrl + T key combination to open Timeline (Timeline) window. In order to facilitate future changes to the name of the object can be changed by the English and Chinese, is: In the Timeline (timeline) window, select the object you want to modify the name, then press the Enter key, then opens Name (name) dialog box in the input box can be meaningful in Chinese. In this example, several objects will be changed as shown in Figure 15, the Chinese name.

Figure 15

16. Drag the slider below the timeline to the 02s Division, set the total length animation 2 seconds.

Figure 16

17. The name "drop-down menu option to" drag the object's start time of the second frame, as shown in Figure 17. Aim is to play the animation in the first frame does not appear in the screen.

Figure 17

18. Drag the current time slider to 00s, which means the beginning of the first frame animation office, then the frame will add marking and behavior. Click the button to create acts of behavior, in the open Edit Behaviors (Editing) dialog box, set the "Label" to "Start", then select the behavior "Stop" behavior, targeting "Composition", shown in Figure 18 said.

Figure 18

19. Click "OK" button, then Timeline (time line) the display window shown in Figure 19. Thus, when the draw play in the first frame of time to implement a "Stop" behavior, no longer down play.

Figure 19

20. Back button, select the first step in the establishment of a long rectangular section, and then run "Window | Rollovers" command, so Rollovers (change), the palette display. Select Down state, as shown in Figure 20.

Figure 20

21. Click Rollovers (rotation) act under color palette button, open the Edit Behaviors (Editing) dialog box, select the behavior "Go to Label" behavior, targeting "Composition". Then add "Play" behavior, targeting "Composition". As shown in Figure 21. Thus, this case has been completed, you can do "File | Preview In | Internet Explorer" command in the browser preview animation.

Figure 21

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