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Background to Ren Zhengfei

But one of the most outstanding enterprises have the most low-key leader, this may be a natural.

2002 Beijing International Exhibition on Telecom, Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei is received before the client's booth. An older man came over and asked him, Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei has not come? Ren Zhengfei ask, you ask him do you need? The man answered, and do nothing, just wanted to see who can lead the legend of Huawei reached what today is like. Ren Zhengfei said that it is not coincidence that he did not come today, but I would definitely put you meant to convey to him.

Ren Zhengfei haunt of many mysterious stories. Huawei was to act disoriented in for a lap card, only to find himself seated with a hand actually is Ren Zhengfei, and quickly looked around, he died trace not seen. Some people travel to the United States in the plane with a pleasant old man have something to talk all the way, and afterwards was told that Ren Zhengfei, regret not cope. The Romance of the number of components of the story of a little note, too many people want to know Ren Zhengfei, but real people who know too little Ren Zhengfei.

Hidden and not hidden

Ren Zhengfei face in public sight, is the matter since 1998. Huawei in 1998 to more than 80 billion annual turnover at the prestigious ranks of communications equipment made four giant "great China" s first, the momentum is fierce. The head of Huawei Ren Zhengfei has not added to the star from the ranks of entrepreneurs, but for various interviews, meetings, selection for fear to avoid any direct benefit to Huawei's image and even publicize the activities of the government's activities were never refused, and to Huawei's high command, under the dead: Unless key customers or partners, all other activities of discussion, who is lobbying whom I will withdraw the post! Huawei this permeates the whole, all with almost instinctive closed and defensive attitude to face the outside world.

The past two years, Huawei has loosened the barriers, to open foreign markets for the needs of close ties with the foreign media, and national media exposure is also a lot of flexibility, Huawei began to care of some high-level appearance. The only ban is not lifted and there is no sign, is Ren Zhengfei himself.

And the other for various reasons to maintain a certain level of "low key" compared to entrepreneurs, Ren Zhengfei disappear completely, to avoid the harsh, at others seems almost deliberately. Ren Zhengfei was asked by a friend, Ren Zhengfei step back or retire, it may be an appropriate way to sum up his many years of business experience? The answer is: not, and never!

However, it does not reveal the true colors of Zhengfei fling with many eager entrepreneurs simply can not hold a candle to the impact. This regard is based on industry and international market, Huawei's strength and influence is based, but also seemingly bewildering Ren Zhengfei I actually caused a clear, personal image. Often crucial to the development of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei that is timely and threw out the "red flag whether Huawei can play long", "Huawei's winter" and filled with a sense of mission and sense of the article, the article or speech, not only in the internal circulation of Huawei, in the peer and the whole business is spread far, Thousands read, some people can even recite a large section of the essence of some of the article. At the same time, "My Father and Mother," this article has demonstrated Zhengfei reason and passion behind the emotional side.

So "quotation" may not have as Ren Zhengfei deliberately, but occasionally manifested themselves, the way has repeatedly succeeded in strengthening his sense of place. Huawei's peers have not so without envy to guess, Ren Zhengfei strategies to display their influence is indeed profound.

Ren Zhengfei to do so to send someone down to Huawei are for the industry and enterprise customers, vendors do not like the end product as "sacrifice" to do high-level image in public. Ren Zhengfei the company often say: "We are not a public company, there is no disclosure of internal information to the public duty, as long as the Government, on business for Jiu standards." Even outside the timid You Ge Zhong Yin Huawei or positive or negative speculation, Huawei also never the opportunity for outsiders to satisfy curiosity.

There is a saying within Huawei, Ren boss mettle upright, speak Taichong, not a good two-way communication, and this is related to the public and Huawei Ren Zhengfei I let him come forward as much as possible to avoid one of the reasons. Vice mayor of Tianjin has had the time to visit Huawei Ren Zhengfei for advice: "To help business development, you think the government should do?" Ren Zhengfei answer to here by surprise: "The Government of the enterprise and the biggest benefit is to do nothing as long as the road was built the city, parks and roads next to the flowers kind of good, which is the largest enterprise to help! "

Ren Zhengfei has been so offended important clients. Time to visit the then SARFT leadership, ranging from leading open, Ren Zhengfei I start the torrent as the advantages of Huawei products. Leadership impatient, had to interrupt him: "You Huawei's products are all first, not second!" Atmosphere of the talks so embarrassing. Ren Zhengfei know they difficult to change, he often said in the company, such as Huawei listing, he can no longer CEO, and if he will make a statement loudly, like a roller coaster stock, like Huawei and down, who can stand it!

In addition, Ren Zhengfei in "My Father and Mother" article concluded: "Because of family reasons, the Cultural Revolution, no matter how hard I tried, all meritorious service, alumni opportunities to all and I missed. In my leadership of the collective, the soldiers stand 3 so successful, second class, 闆嗕綋浜岀瓑鍔? almost every year a large number of emission, the only leader I have never received this award. I have got used to the quiet life I should not award, which trained me not to honor war psychological qualities. "

Huawei has increasingly become the focus of public attention, Huawei's chief insists on only the public to see his silhouette, it is only because of these reasons?

Political orientation

And Ren Zhengfei off contemporary entrepreneurs do not have a political background, even though they have nothing to do with politics work, but their background and having first thought and politics have a great relationship. Ren Zhengfei's youth during the Cultural Revolution of the storm is spent, he later recalled: "Cultural Revolution, the country is a disaster, but for us was a baptism of life. Cultural Revolution made me mature in politics, is no longer a mere bookworm. "

In 1996, when he was deputy director of the State Science Commission's Zhu to visit Huawei, and Ren Zhengfei other high-level communication. After Zhu commented on other occasions, Ren Zhengfei is an entrepreneur, not politicians. However, after this evaluation Ren Zhengfei heard in private, said: "Actually I'm a politician."

Ren Zhengfei has such a strong political self-positioning, the Cultural Revolution began in baptism and life experiences, mature in the later self to attend and utilized. In addition to learning science and technology and culture, the Ren Zhengfei great emphasis on political learning, familiar with the "capital" and other works, while reading the most or that the four "Selected Works of Mao Zedong." From Ren Zhengfei articles and speeches written by some of the title such as "the current situation and our tasks," "hope in you" in Mao Zedong Thought is easy to feel the tremendous force of his.

Ren Zhengfei from that thinking and understanding in recent years been out of his hair-style "one divides into two, black and white" instead of focusing. Businesses flooded with complicated contradictions and paradoxes, philosophical split into two simply can not cope. Zhengfei proposed the so-called "gray" concept, gray is black and white, between the zone with non-gray is not the meaning of extremes, based on the change in succession, on the basis of stability and innovation in upholding the principles and appropriate flexibility in dealing with the various contradictions and enterprise paradox. And the early years, compared to sports management company, Huawei Ren Zhengfei shape in recent years is the practice of his new philosophy, his political mind and thinking are thus more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Ren Zhengfei upright disposition does not affect the overall political thinking will be applied to business operations. Some practices from the Ren Zhengfei, is not difficult to appreciate that in reality and in his practical business wisdom. A few years ago, the Shenzhen Huawei should spread out the news headquarters to Shanghai, then Shanghai mayor, who met with Ren Zhengfei, it is said also to a variety of preferential policies. Shenzhen Municipal Government, under intense quickly promised more preferential policies, the one after one to Huawei's headquarters in Shenzhen, while Shanghai has approved the land down, Huawei successfully opened Shanghai office.

Sometimes, Ren Zhengfei political minds will make those who "know the business" and confusing. In 2004, a reporter chance to see Ren Zhengfei, asked him Huawei's future development priorities. Ren Zhengfei replied: "We can not tell what key. How the future development, we are all groggy." Huawei's questioning focused on the future development of the domestic or overseas, he said: "No, I really do not know to which our future direction. "this hit count where the gambler mentality where journalists were puzzled, some management scholars even infer Huawei strategically may really a problem, prospects look bleak. Ren Zhengfei followed a more surprising to say the words to reporters: "We are now very difficult to do business, if we open a restaurant is like, and gross margin will be higher."

Open a restaurant gross margins may be high, but the scale is very difficult to go up, if the scale is up, and gross margin to be down naturally, Ren Zhengfei not naive to not know whether it is Microsoft, Intel's gross profit margin high, or McDonald's, KFC's gross profit margin high. He has not really clear focus on the future development of Huawei, but that is not necessary to disclose. Ren Zhengfei to reporters that oolong, more to say to the government to listen, wants the state in the formulation of telecommunications policy orientation and equipment purchases into consideration.

Politicians, the bottom line is safety, the supreme goal of life-long pursuit, and in fact it is safe. Ren Zhengfei not a politician, but as a profound political orientation of the entrepreneur, he has been pursuing the enterprise's security as the highest goal. He has a firmly believe in the rule that "wood show in the wind will destroy the forest."

Enterprises to become "stands out" is the entrepreneur's dream, but entrepreneurs must not be too blatantly and insolent. Huawei is still relatively small when the time, Ren Zhengfei Chutoulumian, not garish, but also bring business benefits for enterprises. But with China's Huawei to become a leader in business and began to contend with the international powers, Huawei subtle things, and a variety of voices, a variety of purposes, the more, and one day collapsed fears are not unfounded.

Relative to the individual today is worship, he hopes to expression of the longstanding business value of their own. This is actually Zhengfei life and business are two values for a uniform

The best way to protect yourself is not exposed, although this would be a lot of losses, was able to avoid the risks of more unpredictable. Internal options such as Huawei is a controversial issue of the outside world, but Huawei is that if the rules had set up in accordance with internationally accepted system of equity, or simply impossible to implement, or you can only get a small amount of equity available for distribution. In the non-standard under the existing system, use of alternative methods to build their own stock system at the external environment changes according to continuous improvement, and careful never Foreign Jieshichengqing not invited heavy criticism, Huawei's road down only gradually standardize them . All kinds of twists and turns in the process of growth and development are difficult for outsiders.

Excellent business if growth process can be summed up experiences and lessons, not only a reference for other enterprises, enterprise groups in China is also an asset. However, Huawei has stubbornly resisted any attempt to do so, the relevant government departments made more than once Huawei can share their experiences out about Huawei's response was: corporate personality is more important than common, there is no reference to value, IBM to January 23 to tell us that we can become IBM? Moreover, Huawei is not IBM, has not done so well. In fact, before the school Huawei IBM, Samsung, after school, learning a lot of business, so exclusion of the "typical" This flattery, or from "good deed goes unpunished."

The past two years, Ren Zhengfei appeared less at home, he spent a lot of time each year traveling the world, in all developed markets and developing markets looking for opportunities in the communications equipment among the international powers, vertical and horizontal alliances, find the strength and resources available. Deeply understood, while Western-style rule, Ren Zhengfei oriental wisdom, there has been testing and playing opportunities.

Huawei's heritage

If only the Zhengfei declined to be attributed to the reputation of his mature, with a deep understanding of and too simple. Ren Zhengfei personal ups and downs do not intend to persist in, shift the company's ups and downs as Jiuding. In other words, relative to the individual today is worship, he hopes to expression of the longstanding business value of their own. Because individuals leading the trend at most a few years, companies may be a century or even longer in existence continue. Ren Zhengfei imitated from his many years of IBM and other established businesses who, clearly saw this.

Ren Zhengfei Taichetaiwu of vulgarity is not the person, their backs to the audience left to their own values rooted in Huawei, evergreen dreams, this is actually Zhengfei life and business are two values for a uniform.

In some occasions, repeatedly praised the Warring States Period, Bing Ren Zhengfei construction of the Dujiangyan project. 2000 years ago still benefit the people of Dujiangyan, indeed bring benefit to the future, power forward from generation to generation. We may wish to have a large chest of Dujiangyan as Zhengfei aspirations of metaphor, he would like Huawei molded into masterpieces for Dujiangyan, Huawei Ren Zhengfei handed down is that he's handed down.

To Huawei as a true world-class enterprises, but also to continue to operate world-class companies, Ren Zhengfei probably already aware that it is impossible to do in the short term. Even the goal of his term of office can not even lifetimes, even generations must be by the next generation of leaders Relay completed. After all, the life must go beyond the life of entrepreneurs, and business entrepreneurs in the life of another must depend on the smooth continuation of the turnover and stability to continue.

Private business leaders and updating difficult is an old question, entrepreneurs, corporate life is equivalent to life, Chinese private enterprises have been on a step not in the past this Kaner. In this issue, the wise and more surgery could get their big wise little head. Leaders of private enterprises to solve business problems life, not only to their own consciousness, and must reform their own lives, this is not ordinary persons can do. How many sitting on the absolute power and expansion of the entrepreneurs I, smart, eventually losing his. Hard to say Zhengfei thoroughly beyond the fame and fortune, see the future, but he is still in his mind A clear weakness when try to overcome human nature and strive to make all the arrangements can be said has great wisdom.

In 1998, Ren Zhengfei buy back more than 100 from abroad, the Taiwanese version of "recyclable macro", distributed to all high-level study of Huawei. He let his subordinates to learn not only the success of the macro international experience, but also learn how to train people Shih, sustained long-term protection of business development. Ren Zhengfei hope that he retired after the Huawei can also step down as the end of 2004 after the macro Shih as flat among the stable continuation.

With increasing age, and energy Zhengfei recession, he arranged for the body to do more and more obvious retreat. From about 2000, had in-house is a typical "tyrant" of Ren Zhengfei temper gradually changed, both internal and external are increasingly modest. He began to control the fat in front of subordinates Thunder Wrath of the frequency and extent of relief to the people around to bring their own stresses and strains. Time to go as far as possible every week to do physical therapy health centers, the people emerged taste a little of self-cultivation. Huawei some of the high-level feel, Ren Zhengfei is his intention to shrink the scope of radiation in the company, he would personally play down their own brand of Huawei imprint.

Ren Zhengfei to "corporate life must go beyond awareness of entrepreneurs of life", it is not simply to find a competent successor, he should do is from the system, culture, public opinion on the overall arrangements to proceed carefully, clearing all possible roadblocks , in their own retire gradually, gradually took over the new team to achieve the smooth transition of the replacement business quietly.

Continue to serve the team for the future can Yade Zhu position, ability to correctly judge the situation concerns enterprises, which of course still have not crossed a threshold. But Ren Zhengfei to change is tied to business success or failure of a person's status, so continue to serve even those who have a strong lead character, there is still a team, and there will be institutional arrangements to solve the decision-making mechanism, to maximize risk-averse.

Individual's "political positioning" and a profound understanding of the law of business development, in recent years we only see the shadow Ren Zhengfei. This is difficult to fully dialysis in the public mind "gray" and may never come out for the general public about their true thoughts. However, Huawei is the Ren Zhengfei, Ren Zhengfei is Huawei. Today, Huawei to visit often to ask high-level reception: "chief in the company?"

They are often the answer is: "the total absence of any, but the company running as well."


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