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LiveMotion make the drop-down menu

In this case combined with LiveMotion's "Rollovers" behavior of objects and events to make animation simple drop-down menu, the menu initially shows only a strip of buttons, when using the left mouse button click the button strip, will come out a series of menu options, move your mouse over the appropriate menu option, the option to change the background color of the results shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

1. In the File menu, click New command to open the Composition Settings dialog box, set shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

2. Press OK (OK) button, then get a width of 400, a height of 400 new document.

3. In the toolbox, select the Rounded Rectangle tool, shown in Figure 3 pulled out a long article.

Figure 3

4. Select Article maintain long. Implementation of the "Window | Styles" command to display the Styles (style) palette. In the Styles (Styles) palette, select the style shown in Figure 4, double-click the left mouse button to apply the style.

Figure 4

5. Select the polygon tool in the toolbox, set the foreground color to green, then the implementation of "Window | Properties" command to display the Properties (attributes) palette. In the Properties (property) palette, set the "Sides" of the value of 3, with the polygon tool to draw the diagram shown in Figure 5, triangular.

Figure 5

6. The triangle rotated 90 degrees clockwise, and place it in a long article on the button, the results shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6

7. Select the rectangle tool in the toolbox, draw a rectangle as shown in Figure 7.

Figure 7

8. In the toolbox, select the rounded rectangle tool and set the foreground color to gray, just draw a rectangle in the top draw a rounded rectangle, as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8

9. Select the previous step to keep the rounded rectangle drawn, then the implementation of "Window | Rollovers" command to open the Rollovers (change) color palette. In the Rollovers (change), palette, clicking the New icon on the establishment of the state: Over, shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9

10. Maintained at "Over" state, then the implementation of "Window | Color" command, and set the color to RGB (255,199,0). At this time, you can see from Figure 10 rounded rectangle in the Over state changes.

Figure 10


11. Hold down the Shift + Alt key combination and drag the rounded rectangle with the mouse to copy the four copies of the button to act as a menu option, as shown in Figure 11.

Figure 11

12. Next, add text to these buttons. Select the Text tool in the toolbox, the first button in the middle-click the left mouse button, then opens the Type Tool dialog box, set the text as shown in Figure 12.

Figure 12

13. Repeat the previous step of the operation, followed by five buttons with text: News, Game, Finance, Bbs, Chat, Results shown in Figure 13.

Figure 13

14. Select the green rectangle, buttons, text, and then press Ctrl + G key combination group them together. Shown in Figure 14.

Figure 14

15. Press Ctrl + T key combination to open Timeline (Timeline) window. In order to facilitate future changes to the name of the object can be changed by the English and Chinese, is: In the Timeline (timeline) window, select the object you want to modify the name, then press the Enter key, then opens Name (name) dialog box in the input box can be meaningful in Chinese. In this example, several objects will be changed as shown in Figure 15, the Chinese name.

Figure 15

16. Drag the slider below the timeline to the 02s Division, set the total length animation 2 seconds.

Figure 16

17. The name "drop-down menu option to" drag the object's start time of the second frame, as shown in Figure 17. Aim is to play the animation in the first frame does not appear in the screen.

Figure 17

18. Drag the current time slider to 00s, which means the beginning of the first frame animation office, then the frame will add marking and behavior. Click the button to create acts of behavior, in the open Edit Behaviors (Editing) dialog box, set the "Label" to "Start", then select the behavior "Stop" behavior, targeting "Composition", shown in Figure 18 said.

Figure 18

19. Click "OK" button, then Timeline (time line) the display window shown in Figure 19. Thus, when the draw play in the first frame of time to implement a "Stop" behavior, no longer down play.

Figure 19

20. Back button, select the first step in the establishment of a long rectangular section, and then run "Window | Rollovers" command, so Rollovers (change), the palette display. Select Down state, as shown in Figure 20.

Figure 20

21. Click Rollovers (rotation) act under color palette button, open the Edit Behaviors (Editing) dialog box, select the behavior "Go to Label" behavior, targeting "Composition". Then add "Play" behavior, targeting "Composition". As shown in Figure 21. Thus, this case has been completed, you can do "File | Preview In | Internet Explorer" command in the browser preview animation.

Figure 21

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GIS integration of the western expedition geographic resources

March 27, to "share the application of the latest technology and innovation" as the theme of "2007ESRI China (Beijing) Co., Ltd National Tour" opened in Urumqi, to vigorously promote the western region of GIS and remote sensing applications and image processing technology development-oriented focus of the meeting content.

The experts talked about in recent years, domestic geographic information system technologies are developing rapidly, their application of the breadth and depth of quantitative and qualitative changes have taken place. Western edge region as rich in natural resources, GIS can be used in developing the western region of ecological construction, environmental protection, land use, the overall dynamics of geographical and spatial planning, distribution problems. Use of certain information technology, scientific decision-making more effective use of funds in the large-scale economic development while protecting ecological well, so to avoid repeating the Western developed countries "develop first and clean up later" cycle. While the GIS technology in the western region late start, but overall speaking, GIS industry in the western region of the promotion, application and popularization imperative.

The meeting by the world's largest geographic information system (GIS) technology provider ESRI sponsored Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang, Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping Bureau and the Institute for Ecology and Geography, co. Lee Surveying and Mapping Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region accounting for all the Secretary, the CAS Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, hee, director of Chen and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. According to organizers, to participate in this meeting of users and developers more than 350 people. Economic Information Centre, from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission, Economic Research Institute, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Land Resource Information Center and other organizations of experts and leaders also attended the meeting.

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The new VPN strength

VPN, there is not overnight, from IPSec to SSL, VPN through a lot of technology evolution. However, the nature of any security technology is applied. The VPN and enterprise business integration, and promote enterprise border security, while business development to the edge of the external supply chain integration, which will promote the evolution of a new round of VPN technology.

Power I: Trusted VPN

VPN's original intention was to provide a secure channel, so that remote users can access the private network. But in the current computing environment, for trying to access the corporate network can be managed or unmanaged devices, network administrators could not access network in its pre-knowledge of their origin. In particular, the increase in the mobile VPN users, the network office workers and road warriors through the IPSec VPN client software access to the potential safety problems within the network attention.

If the user can access a host within the network through the VPN, but the host itself is unsafe, who have been infected or otherwise insecure network connection (split tunnel), etc., within the network will bring a serious threat. Moreover, the attacker can use the VPN encryption technology through the firewall, the firewall on their behavior to avoid detection and control.

In addition, most of the existing intranet or internal network security behavior control, only to consider the conduct of internal LAN security, that is, the host of the LAN access to conduct surveillance and control, not related to large-scale cross-boundary business the whole network security.

In fact, Juniper's security experts said that as the VPN can be established on a public computer, so the company network may be additional risks that the particular SSL VPN performance significantly. In addition, the public computer may not support two or more authentication methods, because they do not own a smart card reader, or directly by the disabled USB port.

In this case, a private network based on the credibility of VPN TPN (Trusted Private Network) began to appear. Anda through the security experts Kang-ho said in an interview, the current TPN technology integrated security and communications gateway endpoint security technology, while leveraging the unified management of global deployed, in order to achieve comprehensive, multi-level security.

It is reported that in the TPN system, any host access network must be verified through user authentication and host authentication mechanisms mandatory. Only one host is classified as a trusted host before they can access the system resources. Basically means that the host trusted by the management of risk. This state of the managed host is responsible for configuration for IT administrators and users. If a trusted host mismanagement, is likely to be the weakness of the whole solution.

When the host is considered a trusted host, other trusted host can reasonably be assumed that the host will not initiate malicious actions. For example, a trusted host should not expect the implementation of other trusted hosts they attack the virus, because all the trusted hosts requires the use of some of the mechanisms used to mitigate the virus threat (such as anti-virus software).

Kanghao Jiang stressed that such a trusted state is not static, it is only a transitional state, with corporate security standards will change and change, and to continue to meet those standards. As new threats and new defenses will continue to emerge, so the organization management system must constantly check the trusted host, to keep in line with the standards. In addition, when needed, these systems must be able to publish updates or configuration changes to help maintain a trusted state. Continued compliance with all safety requirements may be considered a trusted host host.

According to reports, the credibility of private network through the compulsory certification system for TPN host and user, use the "user roles ---- ---- resources" licensing mechanism, to achieve "internal network threat" and "border threat," "host threat "and" access threat "of the system. It is reported that role is the system of communication between users and service hub, to avoid the use of roles between users and services directly related to relationship, reducing the amount of configuration tasks, and strategies to improve the maintainability of the system. A user can be assigned to multiple roles, each role contains more than one user. For each service can access the service can be set to a variety of roles.

When enterprise users access the network TPN system protection, the first must be "compulsory identity" (or client can use Web-way authentication system log TPN), in the authentication passed, TPN security gateway, in accordance with the user resource access rights and the login authentication when the PC-user features (IP / port), dynamic security gateway in the formation of TPN "Meta Group + time" dynamic access control policy. Dynamic access control policy of the short-term effects, when there is no activity after a period of time users, the policy shall become invalid, need to re-enforce authentication, security gateway again in the TPN for the user to create dynamic access control policy.

Not difficult to see why that TPN system can be more secure VPN, because it is through VPN access for mobile users and remote local area network such as the local user access control. For example, when the VPN user and the headquarters of the TPN security gateway to establish encrypted tunnels, the headquarters of the TPN secure remote access gateway to the host on the safety assessment: If you find that there is a threat or does not meet the host access to the security headquarters level (if not patched, etc.), the host is not allowed access to the headquarters. This is the so-called "VPN access control" technology.

At present, the enterprise through the application of this technology, you can ensure that the external network threats (such as Trojans, viruses, attacks, etc.) are not brought into the internal network through the VPN users to avoid hackers to "springboard" attack. And network administrators to manage local LAN as the same as a unified whole VPN network security policy management, and for the whole network, not just the local LAN network-wide behavior management.

In addition, the enterprise network against the threat of protection, TPN inherited the traditional behavior management within the network, gateway anti-virus, anti-spam technology. At the same time, TPN will use these technologies to the enterprise network, not just limited to the LAN. Therefore, whether local or VPN access to LAN users access to the user, TPN system uses "mandatory identity" authentication mechanism, there is no authenticated user can not access any internal / external network resources.

In view of this emerging technology, Xinhua Life Insurance Group's IT manager said, for large Qi Ye, Ke Yi Tongguojiezhu VPN TPN system control, including can Zhi Yun Xu legitimate, trusted endpoint devices, such as Ye Wu network of PC, 鏈嶅姟鍣? agents The PDA access network, while other devices are not allowed access. The new system "TPN Gateway" and "TPN client" form a defensive system linkage, to avoid relying on a single gateway defense system or the formation of a single client functionality defense system bottlenecks to enterprise IT departments to reduce the pressure.

In fact, Digital China Networks Jinghui, senior product manager explained that the focus on border security and distribution of safety is ambiguous, as insurance companies, as agents of the company's information security and information security as important, but this is controllable VPN charm.

Power 2: SSL VPN's two major breakthroughs

SSL VPN in, there were two major breakthroughs this year. First, the United States last year, Microsoft announced the acquisition of security in the VPN and remote access products with leading-edge companies specialized vendors Whale, Microsoft Windows Vista systems this year on launching a new VPN protocol ---- Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol).

It is reported that the new SSTP agreement to SSL-based, it will appear in the upcoming Windows Longhron Server Beta3, and in Windows Vista SP1. Microsoft's security experts said, SSTP will be used to replace PPTP and L2TP protocols, to increase the flexibility of VPN access.

In fact, many business users using PPTP and L2TP protocol for VPN connections when the VPN connection will come across the situation does not work very often because of a firewall or NAT router does not open PPTP GRE or L2TP ESP port. For users, the VPN connection that experience certainly is not good. Business users want is the same VPN connection as easy to use IE to connect, and SSTP is to solve this problem occurs.

According to Microsoft engineer, a firewall or NAT in order to avoid the impact of the VPN connection, SSTP through HTTPS (SSL) to establish VPN tunnels, most of the firewall to allow the direction of the SSL access pass. But the SSTP does not support the site to site VPN, only suitable site in the remote access client to connect.

In addition, as a supporter of SSTP agreement, Jinghui for the reporter describes a standard SSTP agreement, the seven steps for VPN connections:

First, the client and server through the Internet to establish TCP connection, the connection is carried out through TCP port 443. Assumes that the client's IP address is, the server's IP address is

Second, when the TCP session from the beginning, will be SSL negotiation. Consultation process through SSL, the client will obtain and verify server certificate (if the validation fails, the connection will be terminated). In this process, the server does not verify the identity of the client.

Third, the client will encrypt the SSL session to send HTTPS requests to the server.

Fourth, the HTTPS session, SSTP agreement will commence operation, the client sends SSTP control packet, the client and server, open the SSTP state machine, and then establish links and communication in the PPP layer.

Fifth, the PPP session (this session is established in the SSTP over HTTPS above) will be the initial PPP authentication, authentication method depends on the authentication algorithm, in general, then the server will verify the identity of the client, the client on the server authentication is optional.

Sixth, PPP authentication end, SSTP will be the client and server communicate through the VPN connection interface, the interface will use the "Internal IP", such as the client is, the server is This IP address is configured on the RRAS server, used to access the company's internal network.

Seventh, the client and server communicate through the VPN SSTP to send packets. Suppose that a client ( to send a packet to the server (, then SSTP will be submitted to this data packet to the SSL layer encryption, and SSL layer to add a new header Department (the source address of 100.100. 100.1, the destination address is, through the Internet connection interface, the packet sent to the server.

In fact, in many ways, SSTP and other VPN protocols, as will be through the server RRAS (Routing and Remote Access Service) configuration. Currently, SSTP communications default TCP 443 port. SSTP in IPv6 on the channel will also be supported.

According to Microsoft, Vista and Longhorn have been installed in the system, IPv6, and enabled by default. The multi-factor authentication, such as smart cards or SecurID tokens, and also as RRAS remote access strategy, was supported. The link Administration Kit (CMAK) that the SSTP VPN connection can create different profiles.

The Jinghui's view, SSTP protocol integrated support for NAP, but also support IPv6. In addition, SSTP using a single channel of the HTTPS connection, compared to traditional multi-channel implementation, better network utilization and better load balancing performance. But he also believes that the current SSTP is not a standard, the future is certain to travel.

Another major breakthrough in SSL VPN is the scene for a "point" (Site2Site) era. Point to SSL-based VPN technology first appeared in this year's RSA Conference. It should be said, new technologies break the long-IPSec can be achieved only through secure access between the two points the only way for enterprises to provide users with a more flexible and secure access point mode, to ensure that the "extension will be applied to network "possibilities.

Array Networks CTO, Dr. Xu Naiding said in an interview, the traditional point to point VPN IPSec VPN has been the only choice, but this method can not meet current business needs a business environment that is, how ---- to two different networks and IP addresses based on the rules of enterprises open up a tunnel between two points and how to implement role-based security and application-specific access control, IPSec VPN can not be achieved has been a shortcoming.

In contrast, the new peer SSL VPN technology, user, host, any two or more networks between sites to establish an independent two-way encrypted channel, and enterprise network management is not worried about security issues within the network. At the same time, network administrators can achieve in one location access to the global user security settings and control, eliminating the need for the same user-defined number of access control policies, but also can no longer consider core switches, SSL VPN devices and access into the floor switch on the set and maintain the access control list (ACL). No doubt, this technology has greatly improved the efficiency of management, the management cost savings.

Power of three: do integration with ERP

Both within the network or remote, VPN technology has applications for business, but it causes the VPN and ERP system integration.

According to press the investigation, VPN integration trend early as three years ago has begun, but the technology and deployment conditions were not perfect. From the current trends, VPN and ERP integration has been in many large enterprises and government agencies to achieve, even on this basis, there is also the integration of VPN with the router signs.

Deeply convinced of the security product manager Wu Di proposal, corporate IT staff should be concerned about VPN integration with the ERP process. As this has been, ERP are enterprises solve business expansion and branch number of tools, including the channel, partners, remote or mobile office all 闇?眰, belonged to ERP management paradigm (or is the business part of the system). The core of ERP and enterprise business integration, and an advanced VPN system, the same with business integration, thus inevitably led to a new of "integration" of the technological revolution.

From the technical analysis, ERP remote management module integrated with the VPN, you can achieve the remote access based on business. According to Wang Jinghui description, whether it is B / S mode, or C / S model system, can use SSL VPN or IPSec VPN integration. Note however that in the C / S mode, the client and the server does not use TCP / IP protocol, the link bandwidth is usually in the 100K-500Kbps range, C / S architecture is often developed from the point of fact, if the LAN not for optimization, bandwidth may be as large as 3-5Mbps. Therefore, in this case, the VPN throughput requirements are high.

In addition, support for enterprise applications, the Jinghui that IPSec and SSL support on ERP is different, and sometimes quite different. First, when users try a restaurant or similar location to establish VPN connection ERP system, a problem often encountered is some network or firewall administrators shut down the ports used by VPN protocol. However, most networks will allow for secure HTTPS communications, so this case is still under SSL VPN to work properly, while the other VPN protocols can not do anything. On the other hand, he also emphasized that the use of SSL VPN, nature will not be able to gain access to other traditional VPN technologies available to the appropriate access level permissions.

In addition, based on experience, IPSec in the IP layer to encrypt data, it can end the transmission of data between sites to protect all, regardless of the type of business applications. In other words, whether corporate or branch offices and down the supply chain can use IPSec between the different local area network and remote client and the central node to establish a secure transmission between the channels, support for traditional ERP wider.

Should be emphasized that, as in the ERP environment, user data is encrypted Internet transmission is still in the public, so encryption is very important, it directly affects the security of user data. The IPSec is made in this regard a technology better.

In contrast, SSL is application layer protocol, its main advantages lie in VPN client deployment and management, the basic need to install client. The benefit of this is that if the company carried out based on B / S structure of the ERP application, the user can use the browser to complete the establishment of SSL-VPN.

However, this model also has limitations. Because the Web page for non-business access, SSL is often applied to the help of conversion. In particular, some SSL VPN products can support the application of converter and the number of agents is very small, and some even basic file server, FTP and Microsoft do not support the application of conversion. The characteristics of the decision to carry out SSL VPN-based ERP applications and can not form a local area network applications on the LAN, so in the enterprise integration of upstream and downstream supply chain, there are challenges.

In the ERP and the deployment of the VPN, Jiangsu Provincial Food Bureau of the application of the most representative. Leadership council, said in an interview, the Grain Bureau had set up in ERP systems, when discovered, due to their own under the jurisdiction of grain storage scattered throughout the province, the collection of information is relatively cumbersome. And based on information security, the initial idea was to ERP Data Collection and VPN combination. It is reported that IT executives said the Grain Bureau, Jiangsu Provincial Food Bureau has jurisdiction over dozens of local grain depots and sub-cities, IPSec VPN network using a unified, successful ERP central office with the safety of docking and data acquisition.

In this regard, Jinghui said that many companies want to leverage the security services to enhance efficiency and competitiveness. Similar to the grain bureau that have "fragmented, high-security business," features the company should use VPN technologies to build a protective ---- ---- Jiance response system that can cover the internal business systems and even the late Intranet security.


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Command & Conquer 3 - the most difficult opponents experience

I use GDI, and all other races not used, do not know how ...... preconceptions that it is really bothering me for a long time!!

Location!! Battle (area, news, gallery, club) Red Zone

Confrontation over the race, GDI Si Jin

AI is the most difficult opponents to match any balance not

The first is to grab mine, quickly grab a good world, from the three mines, a special mining vehicles from the depot, the constant rush!!! In the battle of red zone can make good use of this advantage

The depot's location is key, be sure to play around in the mines in order to unload when the mine can be the way repair shops, or from more than two vehicles with rigs in the mines in the vicinity, both to repair tub 2 to be used when the battery perfect ah!!

Their main strength is the soldier, or so, I used up all of soldier, a tank would not have

Soldiers from the factory because of faster, soldier from the faster, five soldiers to their base plant surrounded the use of human wave tactics all the pre-soldiers with machine guns, combat power is the proportion of artillery about 1 to 1

5 soldiers, the number of manufactured soldier is very impressive, basically you can keep the base to hermetically Tip!! F1 with F2 by the turn to

Use two kinds of soldiers the advantage of starting fast, and without fear of grams, the two arms with a fool can complement the basic that no one can live grams you, especially if you have a lot of creeps, the offensive power geometry Level up!!

Post-war demolition of buildings is re-installed military force, the basic AI you withstand wave after the previous two, post a foregone conclusion!!! Win-Win up!!

BT's economy to rely on your stored at sub-2 team after troops!! Keep in mind is divided into two teams!! One small

Large when A is used in the siege the ground, telling anyone to kill, but spike!!!

Little is used for demolition, have split too soon!!

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Using the seven combat the Heart Jakarta Struts

Editor's note: When the author Chuck Cavaness (with a "Programming Jakarta Struts" book) where the network after the company decided to use Struts framework, Chuck has spent several months studying how to use it to build the company's applications. This article is described the use of Struts in the course of a number of hard-earned experience and insights. If you are responsible for development through the jsp and servlet Web applications, Java programmers, and is also considering building Struts-based method, then here you will find many valuable insights as well as information.

1. Only when it is necessary to consider expanding Struts Framework

A good framework has many advantages, first of all, it must be able to meet the foreseeable needs of the users. This Struts application for the Web provides a common framework, so developers can focus on how to solve real business issues. Secondly, a good framework must also be able to provide expanded where appropriate interface for the application to extend the framework to better adapt to the user's actual needs.

If the Struts framework on any occasion, any project can well meet the demand, that is great. But in fact, not a framework that claim to do this. There must be some demand for a particular application framework developers can not be foreseen. Therefore, the best way is to provide sufficient expansion interface allows developers to adjust the struts to better meet their specific requirements.

In the Struts framework, there is a lot for expansion and customization. Almost all of the configuration class can be replaced with a customized version, this simple change it as long as the Struts configuration file can be done.

Other components such as the ActionServlet and RequestProcessor can also use a custom version of the place. Even in Struts 1.1 new features have also extended the principle in accordance with the design. For example, in the exception handling mechanism allows users to customize the exception handling on the handle to the application system to better respond to the error occurred.

Adjustable features such as a framework it is more suitable for your application to a large extent the same time also affected the project development results. First, as your application is based on an existing mature and stable framework such as Struts, discovered during testing will greatly reduce the number of errors, but also can shorten the development time and reduce resource inputs. Because you no longer need to invest in developing the basis of the power used to write framework code.

However, to achieve more functionality is to spend a greater price. We must be careful to avoid unnecessary abuse of scalability, Struts is the core package with a lot of kit form, and they have provided a lot of functionality has been achieved. So do not blindly expanding Struts framework, should determine if other means can use the existing functionality to achieve. Written decision must be confirmed before expanding Struts code does not achieve the function you want. Otherwise, chaos will lead to duplication of functions have to spend extra effort will remove it.

2. Use exception handling statement

To define the logic of the application process, mature experience is recommended in the code, the use of allocation methods to achieve, not coded in the program code. In J2EE, the examples abound. EJB from achieving the security and transaction behavior to describe the JMS message and the destination of the relationship between the number of run-time processes are defined in procedures outside.

Struts Creator from the beginning this approach, by configuring Struts configuration file to customize the application run-time aspects. This is a new feature in version 1.1 on continuity, including the new exception handling features. In the Struts framework previous versions, developers had to deal with their own Struts application error occurred in the situation. In the latest version, the situation had changed greatly, Struts Framework offers a built-called ExceptionHandler class, class action for system default handling errors generated by the operation. This is a technique in the framework we mention one of many scalable interfaces.

Struts default will generate a ActinError ExceptionHandler class object and stored in the appropriate range (scope) object. This allows JSP pages using the wrong class to remind the user any problems. If you think this does not meet your needs, you can easily implement your own ExcepionHandler class.

Specific custom exception handling methods and mechanisms

To customize your own exception handling mechanism, the first step is to inherit org.apache.struts.action.ExceptionHandler class. This class has two ways to cover, one excute () the other is storeException (). In most cases, only covers one of the excute () method. The following is ExceptionHandler class excute () method declaration:

public ActionForward execute (Exception ex,
ExceptionConfig exConfig,
ActionMapping mapping,
ActionForm formInstance,
HttpServletRequest request,
HttpServletResponse response
) Throws ServletException;

As you can see, this method has several parameters, including the original exception. Method returns an ActionForward object for exception handling end of the controller class will be taken to a place where the request must be forwarded.

Of course, you can achieve any treatment, but in general, we must examine the thrown exception, and for the type of exception for a particular treatment. By default, the system of exception handling function is to create an error message, and forwards the request to the configuration file specified place. Custom exception handling is a common example of nested exception handling. Assuming that the exception contains a nested exception, these nested exception but also contains other exceptions, so we have to override the original execute () method, write error messages for each exception.

Once you have created your own ExceptionHandler class, it should be in the Struts configuration file, part of the statement of the class to let Struts know to use your custom exception handling to replace the default exception handling.

You can configure your own class for Action Mapping ExceptionHandler specific part or all of the Action object. If it is used for a specific part of the Action Mapping in the element configuration. If you want this class for all the Action objects can be specified in the element. For example, suppose we create an exception handling class CustomizedExceptionHandler for all of the Action class, the element defined as follows:

handler = "com.cavaness.storefront.CustomizedExceptionHandler"
key = "global.error.message"
path = "/ error.jsp"
scope = "request"
type = "java.lang.Exception" />

The element can be set for many properties. In this article, the most important attribute than handler property, handler attribute is inherited from the definition of a subclass of ExceptionHandler full name. If the attribute is not defined, Struts will use their default values. Of course, other attributes are also important, but if you want to override the default exception handling, then, handler is undoubtedly the most important attribute.

Finally, it should point out is that you can have different exception handling class to handle different exceptions. In the above example, CustomizedExceptionHandler to deal with any subclass of java.lang.Exception. In fact, you can define multiple exception handling classes, each specializing in different exception tree. The following XML fragment to explain how to configure to achieve this.

handler = "com.cavaness.storefront.CustomizedExceptionHandler"
key = "global.error.message"
path = "/ error.jsp"
scope = "request"
type = "java.lang.Exception" />

handler = "com.cavaness.storefront.SecurityExceptionHandler"
key = "security.error.message"
path = "/ login.jsp"
scope = "request"
type = "com.cavaness.storefront.SecurityException" />

Here, if an exception is thrown, struts framework will attempt to find in the configuration file ExceptionHandler, if not found, then the struts will be along the exception of the parent chain until they found a layer up to find matches so far. Therefore, we can define a hierarchical relationship structure exception handling, in the configuration file has reflected this.

3. Use of application modules (Application Modules)

Struts 1.1, a new feature is the application module concept. Struts application module allows a single application is divided into several modules, each module has its own Struts configuration file, JSP page, Action and so on. This new feature is the large and medium sized development team to solve the most complained about a problem that in order to better support parallel development allows multiple configuration files, rather than a single configuration file.

Note: In the early beta versions, this feature is known as sub-applications (sub-applications), recently renamed the purpose is to reflect their more logical division of labor.

Obviously, when many developers together to participate in a project, a single Struts configuration file is easy to cause resource conflicts. Struts application module allows classification according to functional requirements, in many cases has proved so closer to reality. For example, suppose we want to develop a typical store applications. Component can be divided into modules such as catalog (Catalog), customer (customer), customer service (customer service), order (order), etc.. Each module can be distributed to a different directory, so each part is easy to locate resources to help develop and deploy. Figure 1 shows the application's directory structure.

Figure 1. A typical application's directory structure stores

Note: If you do not need to project into multiple modules, Struts framework supports a default application module. This makes the application can also be created under the 1.0 version, portable, because the application automatically as the default application module.

In order to use multi-application module functionality, you must perform the following preparation steps:

鈥?for each application module to create a separate Struts configuration file.

鈥?Web deployment descriptor Web.xml configuration file.

鈥?Use org.apache.struts.actions.SwitchAction to achieve the jump between the program modules.

Create separate Struts configuration file

Each Struts application module must have its own profile. Allowed to create their own independent of other modules, Action, ActionForm, exception handling and more.

Continue to store the application above example, we can create the following configuration files: a file named struts-config-catalog.xml, including catalog (Catalog), items (products list), and other related functions and inventory configuration information; another file called struts-config-order.xml, includes order (order) and order tracking (order tracking) setting. The third configuration file is struts-config.xml, which contains the default application module is a general feature.

Configuring Web deployment descriptor

In earlier versions of Struts, we Web.xml Struts configuration file to specify the path. Fortunately, this did not change, contribute to backward compatibility. But for many application modules, we need to increase the Web deployment descriptor in the new profile settings.

For the default application (including an earlier version of Struts), Struts framework document in Web.xml find the element with the config for load Action mapping applications and other settings. As an example, the following XML fragment shows a typical element:

config> / param-name>
/ WEB-INF/struts-config.xml

Note: If you can not find the elements in the existing "config" keyword, Struts framework will default to using the / WEB / struts-config.xml

In order to support multiple application modules (Struts 1.1 for new features), additional elements must be increased. And the default element is different, additional elements corresponding to each application module, you must config / xxx in the form of naming, in which the string xxx represents the name of the module only. For example, in store application example, the element can be defined as follows (note the bold part):

/ WEB-INF/struts-config.xml

config / catalog
/ WEB-INF/struts-config.xml

config / order
/ WEB-INF/struts-config.xml

The first element corresponds to the default application module. The second and third elements represent the non-default application module catalog and order.

When the Struts application is loaded, it first loads the default application module's configuration file. And then look with a string config / xxx form of additional initialization parameters. For each additional parsing configuration files and loaded into memory also. This step is complete, users can use it freely config / string back is to call the name of the corresponding application module.

Between multiple application module class called Action

For each application module to create a separate configuration file, we will likely need to call different modules Action. To do this you must use the Struts framework provides the SwitchAction class. Struts will automatically add the name of the module will be applied to the URL, just like Struts application is automatically added as the name added to the URL. Application module is a framework for a new expansion, contributed to a parallel team development. If your team is small then I need to use this feature, do not be modular. Of course, even if only one module, the system is still the same operation.

4. The WEB-INF JSP into JSP source code after the protection

To better protect your JSP to prevent unauthorized access and peep, a good way to store the page file in the Web application WEB-INF directory.

JSP developer will generally their page file stored in the Web application corresponding subdirectory. A typical store application directory structure shown in Figure 2. With the catalog (Catalog) related to JSP is saved in the catalog subdirectory. Customer associated with the JSP, JSP associated with orders and so on stored in accordance with this method.

Figure 2. JSP based on different functions are placed in different directory

Problem with this approach is the page file is easy to see the source code was stolen, or direct calls. Some situations this may not be a big problem, but in certain cases it may constitute a security risk. Users can direct calls to bypass the JSP Struts the controller is also a problem.

To reduce the risk, you can move the page file to the WEB-INF directory. Servlet-based statement, WEB-INF is not a public document as a Web application as part of the tree. Thus, WEB-INF directory of resources is not a direct service to customers. We can still use the WEB-INF directory of the JSP page to provide views to the customer, the customer can not directly request access to JSP.

Using the previous example, Figure 3 shows the JSP page will be moved to WEB-INF directory of the directory structure after

Figure 3. JSP stored in the WEB-INF directory of more secure

If the JSP page file moved to the WEB-INF directory, when the page is called to be the "WEB-INF" to the URL. For example, in a Struts configuration file for a logoff action to write a Action mapping. JSP path which must be "WEB-INF" at the beginning. As follows:

path = "/ logoff"
type = "org.apache.struts.webapp.example.LogoffAction">

This method Struts under any circumstances be regarded as a good way to practice. Is the only technique to note is that you must be a JSP and Struts action link. Even if the Action is only a very basic simple JSP, always to call a Action, then it calls the JSP.

Finally, a note that not all containers will support this feature. Early versions of WebLogic can not explain Servlet declarations and therefore can not provide support, it was reported in the new version has been improved. In summary, before you check your Servlet container.

5. Prebuilt Action class to use to enhance development efficiency

Struts framework with several prebuilt Action class, using them can greatly save development time. One of the most useful is org.apache.struts.actions.ForwardAction and org.apache.struts.actions.DispatchAction.

Use ForwardAction

In the application, may be often as long as the Action forwards to a JSP object situation. Mentioned in the previous point in Action called by the JSP is always a good habit. Action, if we do not have to perform any business logic, but would like to follow the words from the Action to access the page, you can use ForwardAction, it allows you to remove the Action class to create a number of empty. The advantage of using ForwardAction not create your own Action class, you need to do is in the Struts configuration file to configure a Action mapping.

For example, suppose you have a JSP file index.jsp, and can not directly invoke the page, to let the program through an Action class is called, then you can create the following Action mapping to achieve this:

As you see, when / home is called, will call ForwardAction and to forward the request to the index.jsp page.

Further discuss the adoption of an Action class is not directly forwarded to a page of the case, we must note that we still use elements of the forward attribute to achieve the objectives forward. Then elements are defined as follows:

path = "/ home"
forward = "/ index.jsp">

Of the above methods can save you time and help reduce the number of documents required for an application.

Use DispatchAction

DispatchAction is contained in another Struts can save a lot of development time of Action class. And the other provides only a single Action class execute () method to achieve a single business different, DispatchAction allows you to write more than a single Action class and business-related way. This reduces the number of Action classes, and the related business method together makes maintenance easier.

To use the function DispatchAction need to create a class of their own, through inheritance DispatchAction be abstract. To be provided for each business method must have a specific method signature. For example, we want to provide a method to realize the shopping cart to add the list of goods to create a class ShoppingCartDispatchAction provide the following methods:

public ActionForward addItem (ActionMapping mapping,
ActionForm form,
HttpServletRequest request,
HttpServletResponse response)
throws Exception;
So, this class may also need a deleteItem () method from the customer's shopping cart to delete the list of goods, there clearCart () method to clear shopping cart, etc.. Then we can set these methods in a single Action class, no method is provided for each one Action class.

In a method called ShoppingCartDispatchAction inside, just in the URL provided in the method name as a parameter value. That is, call addItem () method of the URL might look like:


Parameter specifies which method to call methods in ShoppingCartDispatchAction. The name parameter can be any configuration, where the use of "method" is just one example. The name parameter can be set on their own Struts configuration file.

6. Using dynamic ActionForm

In the Struts framework in, ActionForm object is used to packing HTML form data (including request), and returns back to dynamic display to the user's data. They must be fully JavaBean, and inheritance. Struts ActionForm class inside the same time, the user can selectively override the default method of the two.

This feature can save a lot of time, because it can help to automatically verify the performance of layers. ActionForm only drawback is that the HTML form must be generated for different number of ActionForm class to save the data. For example, if there is a page that contains the user's registration information, another page will contain the user agent's information, you need two different ActionForm class. This is in large application systems can lead to excessive ActionForm class. Struts 1.1 have made a good improvement, the introduction of the concept of dynamic ActionForm class

DynaActionForm through the Struts framework in the class and its subclasses can implement dynamic ActionForm, dynamic ActionForm allows you to complete the ActionForm Struts configuration file all the configuration; applications no longer need to create specific ActionForm class. Specific configuration is: in the Struts configuration file by adding an element, the type attribute set to DynaActionForm or a sub-class of its full name. The following example creates a dynamic ActionForm named logonForm, it contains two instance variables: username and password.

name = "logonForm"
type = "org.apache.struts.action.DynaActionForm">

Dynamic ActionForm can be used for Action classes and JSP, use the same ActionForm with the ordinary, and only a small difference. If you use ordinary ActionForm objects you need to get and set methods to provide access and set data. In the example above, we need to provide getUsername () and setUsername () method to obtain and set the username variable, and likewise a pair of methods used to obtain and set the password variable.

Here we use the DynaActionForm, it will be the variable stored in a Map class object, so you must use DynaActionForm class get (name) and set (name) method, the parameter name is the name to access the instance variables. For example, in the username to access DynaActionForm value, you can use a similar code:

String username = (String) form.get ("username");

As the value stored in a Map object, so remember the get () method returns the Object Type object to do the mandatory conversion.

DynaActionForm several useful subclasses. One of the most important thing is DynaValidatorForm, this dynamic with the use ActionForm and Validator Validator public to provide automatic verification package. This feature allows you to specify the validation rules outside the code. Combination of the two properties to developers who will be very attractive.

7. Using visual tools

Since Struts 1.0 distribution has appeared in a number of visualization tools to help create, modify and maintain the Struts configuration file. Configuration file itself is XML-based format, in medium and large development applications will be increased to become very awkward. In order to facilitate the management of these files, once the large file you can not clear the time recommendations try to use one tool to assist in the development of a GUI. Commercial and open source tools have many, Table 1 lists the available tools and their related links, from where you can get more information.

Table 1. Struts GUI Tools

The nature of the application site
Adalon Business Software
Easy Struts open source
Struts Console free
JForms Business Software
Camino Business Software
Struts Builder Open Source
StrutsGUI free

Related Resources

To obtain a more comprehensive list of Struts GUI tools (including free and commercial), please visit the Struts resource page.


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Background to Ren Zhengfei

But one of the most outstanding enterprises have the most low-key leader, this may be a natural.

2002 Beijing International Exhibition on Telecom, Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei is received before the client's booth. An older man came over and asked him, Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei has not come? Ren Zhengfei ask, you ask him do you need? The man answered, and do nothing, just wanted to see who can lead the legend of Huawei reached what today is like. Ren Zhengfei said that it is not coincidence that he did not come today, but I would definitely put you meant to convey to him.

Ren Zhengfei haunt of many mysterious stories. Huawei was to act disoriented in for a lap card, only to find himself seated with a hand actually is Ren Zhengfei, and quickly looked around, he died trace not seen. Some people travel to the United States in the plane with a pleasant old man have something to talk all the way, and afterwards was told that Ren Zhengfei, regret not cope. The Romance of the number of components of the story of a little note, too many people want to know Ren Zhengfei, but real people who know too little Ren Zhengfei.

Hidden and not hidden

Ren Zhengfei face in public sight, is the matter since 1998. Huawei in 1998 to more than 80 billion annual turnover at the prestigious ranks of communications equipment made four giant "great China" s first, the momentum is fierce. The head of Huawei Ren Zhengfei has not added to the star from the ranks of entrepreneurs, but for various interviews, meetings, selection for fear to avoid any direct benefit to Huawei's image and even publicize the activities of the government's activities were never refused, and to Huawei's high command, under the dead: Unless key customers or partners, all other activities of discussion, who is lobbying whom I will withdraw the post! Huawei this permeates the whole, all with almost instinctive closed and defensive attitude to face the outside world.

The past two years, Huawei has loosened the barriers, to open foreign markets for the needs of close ties with the foreign media, and national media exposure is also a lot of flexibility, Huawei began to care of some high-level appearance. The only ban is not lifted and there is no sign, is Ren Zhengfei himself.

And the other for various reasons to maintain a certain level of "low key" compared to entrepreneurs, Ren Zhengfei disappear completely, to avoid the harsh, at others seems almost deliberately. Ren Zhengfei was asked by a friend, Ren Zhengfei step back or retire, it may be an appropriate way to sum up his many years of business experience? The answer is: not, and never!

However, it does not reveal the true colors of Zhengfei fling with many eager entrepreneurs simply can not hold a candle to the impact. This regard is based on industry and international market, Huawei's strength and influence is based, but also seemingly bewildering Ren Zhengfei I actually caused a clear, personal image. Often crucial to the development of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei that is timely and threw out the "red flag whether Huawei can play long", "Huawei's winter" and filled with a sense of mission and sense of the article, the article or speech, not only in the internal circulation of Huawei, in the peer and the whole business is spread far, Thousands read, some people can even recite a large section of the essence of some of the article. At the same time, "My Father and Mother," this article has demonstrated Zhengfei reason and passion behind the emotional side.

So "quotation" may not have as Ren Zhengfei deliberately, but occasionally manifested themselves, the way has repeatedly succeeded in strengthening his sense of place. Huawei's peers have not so without envy to guess, Ren Zhengfei strategies to display their influence is indeed profound.

Ren Zhengfei to do so to send someone down to Huawei are for the industry and enterprise customers, vendors do not like the end product as "sacrifice" to do high-level image in public. Ren Zhengfei the company often say: "We are not a public company, there is no disclosure of internal information to the public duty, as long as the Government, on business for Jiu standards." Even outside the timid You Ge Zhong Yin Huawei or positive or negative speculation, Huawei also never the opportunity for outsiders to satisfy curiosity.

There is a saying within Huawei, Ren boss mettle upright, speak Taichong, not a good two-way communication, and this is related to the public and Huawei Ren Zhengfei I let him come forward as much as possible to avoid one of the reasons. Vice mayor of Tianjin has had the time to visit Huawei Ren Zhengfei for advice: "To help business development, you think the government should do?" Ren Zhengfei answer to here by surprise: "The Government of the enterprise and the biggest benefit is to do nothing as long as the road was built the city, parks and roads next to the flowers kind of good, which is the largest enterprise to help! "

Ren Zhengfei has been so offended important clients. Time to visit the then SARFT leadership, ranging from leading open, Ren Zhengfei I start the torrent as the advantages of Huawei products. Leadership impatient, had to interrupt him: "You Huawei's products are all first, not second!" Atmosphere of the talks so embarrassing. Ren Zhengfei know they difficult to change, he often said in the company, such as Huawei listing, he can no longer CEO, and if he will make a statement loudly, like a roller coaster stock, like Huawei and down, who can stand it!

In addition, Ren Zhengfei in "My Father and Mother" article concluded: "Because of family reasons, the Cultural Revolution, no matter how hard I tried, all meritorious service, alumni opportunities to all and I missed. In my leadership of the collective, the soldiers stand 3 so successful, second class, 闆嗕綋浜岀瓑鍔? almost every year a large number of emission, the only leader I have never received this award. I have got used to the quiet life I should not award, which trained me not to honor war psychological qualities. "

Huawei has increasingly become the focus of public attention, Huawei's chief insists on only the public to see his silhouette, it is only because of these reasons?

Political orientation

And Ren Zhengfei off contemporary entrepreneurs do not have a political background, even though they have nothing to do with politics work, but their background and having first thought and politics have a great relationship. Ren Zhengfei's youth during the Cultural Revolution of the storm is spent, he later recalled: "Cultural Revolution, the country is a disaster, but for us was a baptism of life. Cultural Revolution made me mature in politics, is no longer a mere bookworm. "

In 1996, when he was deputy director of the State Science Commission's Zhu to visit Huawei, and Ren Zhengfei other high-level communication. After Zhu commented on other occasions, Ren Zhengfei is an entrepreneur, not politicians. However, after this evaluation Ren Zhengfei heard in private, said: "Actually I'm a politician."

Ren Zhengfei has such a strong political self-positioning, the Cultural Revolution began in baptism and life experiences, mature in the later self to attend and utilized. In addition to learning science and technology and culture, the Ren Zhengfei great emphasis on political learning, familiar with the "capital" and other works, while reading the most or that the four "Selected Works of Mao Zedong." From Ren Zhengfei articles and speeches written by some of the title such as "the current situation and our tasks," "hope in you" in Mao Zedong Thought is easy to feel the tremendous force of his.

Ren Zhengfei from that thinking and understanding in recent years been out of his hair-style "one divides into two, black and white" instead of focusing. Businesses flooded with complicated contradictions and paradoxes, philosophical split into two simply can not cope. Zhengfei proposed the so-called "gray" concept, gray is black and white, between the zone with non-gray is not the meaning of extremes, based on the change in succession, on the basis of stability and innovation in upholding the principles and appropriate flexibility in dealing with the various contradictions and enterprise paradox. And the early years, compared to sports management company, Huawei Ren Zhengfei shape in recent years is the practice of his new philosophy, his political mind and thinking are thus more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Ren Zhengfei upright disposition does not affect the overall political thinking will be applied to business operations. Some practices from the Ren Zhengfei, is not difficult to appreciate that in reality and in his practical business wisdom. A few years ago, the Shenzhen Huawei should spread out the news headquarters to Shanghai, then Shanghai mayor, who met with Ren Zhengfei, it is said also to a variety of preferential policies. Shenzhen Municipal Government, under intense quickly promised more preferential policies, the one after one to Huawei's headquarters in Shenzhen, while Shanghai has approved the land down, Huawei successfully opened Shanghai office.

Sometimes, Ren Zhengfei political minds will make those who "know the business" and confusing. In 2004, a reporter chance to see Ren Zhengfei, asked him Huawei's future development priorities. Ren Zhengfei replied: "We can not tell what key. How the future development, we are all groggy." Huawei's questioning focused on the future development of the domestic or overseas, he said: "No, I really do not know to which our future direction. "this hit count where the gambler mentality where journalists were puzzled, some management scholars even infer Huawei strategically may really a problem, prospects look bleak. Ren Zhengfei followed a more surprising to say the words to reporters: "We are now very difficult to do business, if we open a restaurant is like, and gross margin will be higher."

Open a restaurant gross margins may be high, but the scale is very difficult to go up, if the scale is up, and gross margin to be down naturally, Ren Zhengfei not naive to not know whether it is Microsoft, Intel's gross profit margin high, or McDonald's, KFC's gross profit margin high. He has not really clear focus on the future development of Huawei, but that is not necessary to disclose. Ren Zhengfei to reporters that oolong, more to say to the government to listen, wants the state in the formulation of telecommunications policy orientation and equipment purchases into consideration.

Politicians, the bottom line is safety, the supreme goal of life-long pursuit, and in fact it is safe. Ren Zhengfei not a politician, but as a profound political orientation of the entrepreneur, he has been pursuing the enterprise's security as the highest goal. He has a firmly believe in the rule that "wood show in the wind will destroy the forest."

Enterprises to become "stands out" is the entrepreneur's dream, but entrepreneurs must not be too blatantly and insolent. Huawei is still relatively small when the time, Ren Zhengfei Chutoulumian, not garish, but also bring business benefits for enterprises. But with China's Huawei to become a leader in business and began to contend with the international powers, Huawei subtle things, and a variety of voices, a variety of purposes, the more, and one day collapsed fears are not unfounded.

Relative to the individual today is worship, he hopes to expression of the longstanding business value of their own. This is actually Zhengfei life and business are two values for a uniform

The best way to protect yourself is not exposed, although this would be a lot of losses, was able to avoid the risks of more unpredictable. Internal options such as Huawei is a controversial issue of the outside world, but Huawei is that if the rules had set up in accordance with internationally accepted system of equity, or simply impossible to implement, or you can only get a small amount of equity available for distribution. In the non-standard under the existing system, use of alternative methods to build their own stock system at the external environment changes according to continuous improvement, and careful never Foreign Jieshichengqing not invited heavy criticism, Huawei's road down only gradually standardize them . All kinds of twists and turns in the process of growth and development are difficult for outsiders.

Excellent business if growth process can be summed up experiences and lessons, not only a reference for other enterprises, enterprise groups in China is also an asset. However, Huawei has stubbornly resisted any attempt to do so, the relevant government departments made more than once Huawei can share their experiences out about Huawei's response was: corporate personality is more important than common, there is no reference to value, IBM to January 23 to tell us that we can become IBM? Moreover, Huawei is not IBM, has not done so well. In fact, before the school Huawei IBM, Samsung, after school, learning a lot of business, so exclusion of the "typical" This flattery, or from "good deed goes unpunished."

The past two years, Ren Zhengfei appeared less at home, he spent a lot of time each year traveling the world, in all developed markets and developing markets looking for opportunities in the communications equipment among the international powers, vertical and horizontal alliances, find the strength and resources available. Deeply understood, while Western-style rule, Ren Zhengfei oriental wisdom, there has been testing and playing opportunities.

Huawei's heritage

If only the Zhengfei declined to be attributed to the reputation of his mature, with a deep understanding of and too simple. Ren Zhengfei personal ups and downs do not intend to persist in, shift the company's ups and downs as Jiuding. In other words, relative to the individual today is worship, he hopes to expression of the longstanding business value of their own. Because individuals leading the trend at most a few years, companies may be a century or even longer in existence continue. Ren Zhengfei imitated from his many years of IBM and other established businesses who, clearly saw this.

Ren Zhengfei Taichetaiwu of vulgarity is not the person, their backs to the audience left to their own values rooted in Huawei, evergreen dreams, this is actually Zhengfei life and business are two values for a uniform.

In some occasions, repeatedly praised the Warring States Period, Bing Ren Zhengfei construction of the Dujiangyan project. 2000 years ago still benefit the people of Dujiangyan, indeed bring benefit to the future, power forward from generation to generation. We may wish to have a large chest of Dujiangyan as Zhengfei aspirations of metaphor, he would like Huawei molded into masterpieces for Dujiangyan, Huawei Ren Zhengfei handed down is that he's handed down.

To Huawei as a true world-class enterprises, but also to continue to operate world-class companies, Ren Zhengfei probably already aware that it is impossible to do in the short term. Even the goal of his term of office can not even lifetimes, even generations must be by the next generation of leaders Relay completed. After all, the life must go beyond the life of entrepreneurs, and business entrepreneurs in the life of another must depend on the smooth continuation of the turnover and stability to continue.

Private business leaders and updating difficult is an old question, entrepreneurs, corporate life is equivalent to life, Chinese private enterprises have been on a step not in the past this Kaner. In this issue, the wise and more surgery could get their big wise little head. Leaders of private enterprises to solve business problems life, not only to their own consciousness, and must reform their own lives, this is not ordinary persons can do. How many sitting on the absolute power and expansion of the entrepreneurs I, smart, eventually losing his. Hard to say Zhengfei thoroughly beyond the fame and fortune, see the future, but he is still in his mind A clear weakness when try to overcome human nature and strive to make all the arrangements can be said has great wisdom.

In 1998, Ren Zhengfei buy back more than 100 from abroad, the Taiwanese version of "recyclable macro", distributed to all high-level study of Huawei. He let his subordinates to learn not only the success of the macro international experience, but also learn how to train people Shih, sustained long-term protection of business development. Ren Zhengfei hope that he retired after the Huawei can also step down as the end of 2004 after the macro Shih as flat among the stable continuation.

With increasing age, and energy Zhengfei recession, he arranged for the body to do more and more obvious retreat. From about 2000, had in-house is a typical "tyrant" of Ren Zhengfei temper gradually changed, both internal and external are increasingly modest. He began to control the fat in front of subordinates Thunder Wrath of the frequency and extent of relief to the people around to bring their own stresses and strains. Time to go as far as possible every week to do physical therapy health centers, the people emerged taste a little of self-cultivation. Huawei some of the high-level feel, Ren Zhengfei is his intention to shrink the scope of radiation in the company, he would personally play down their own brand of Huawei imprint.

Ren Zhengfei to "corporate life must go beyond awareness of entrepreneurs of life", it is not simply to find a competent successor, he should do is from the system, culture, public opinion on the overall arrangements to proceed carefully, clearing all possible roadblocks , in their own retire gradually, gradually took over the new team to achieve the smooth transition of the replacement business quietly.

Continue to serve the team for the future can Yade Zhu position, ability to correctly judge the situation concerns enterprises, which of course still have not crossed a threshold. But Ren Zhengfei to change is tied to business success or failure of a person's status, so continue to serve even those who have a strong lead character, there is still a team, and there will be institutional arrangements to solve the decision-making mechanism, to maximize risk-averse.

Individual's "political positioning" and a profound understanding of the law of business development, in recent years we only see the shadow Ren Zhengfei. This is difficult to fully dialysis in the public mind "gray" and may never come out for the general public about their true thoughts. However, Huawei is the Ren Zhengfei, Ren Zhengfei is Huawei. Today, Huawei to visit often to ask high-level reception: "chief in the company?"

They are often the answer is: "the total absence of any, but the company running as well."


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